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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box


Thinking Outside the Box

I homeschool our two boys ages 11&12.  Both are autistic.

How many boxes do you fill?  12 for son age 12 (he does 6 before lunch and 6 after), 6 for son age 11

Do you expect your children to go in order? Yes, I feel this is very important.  It motivates both of them to work through harder boxes when they see favorable boxes ahead.

Do you use the schedule strips? Only for my 12 year old.

How long does it take you to fill the boxes? This depends on how tired I am at night.   Usually about a half hour.

Do you fill your work boxes EACH night with all new items?  Certain boxes stay the same I would say about half.  The rest I try to be as creative as possible.

Do you have some boxes repeat each day so there is less filling/refilling? Yes, about half.

What do your kids do with the empty boxes? Son age 12 has a done box on the other side of his table. Son age 11 has two shelves so they go from one shelf to another when they are done.

Do you put away the ‘supplies’ each night? or do your kids? I do.

Anything else you want to add? I think more than even dividing things into boxes I learned so much from reading Sue's book and learning how to adapt our activities so my kids learn more and enjoy it a whole lot more.  I also keep a record of what goes in the boxes as I fill them which is pretty good for me because I am not a great record keeper.

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