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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rainy day

It was a very rainy day here.  Every once and a while I really enjoy a rainy day however.  The electricity went out on us several times so for part of our morning we did school with a lantern.  It felt very cozy though.  We are supposed to get rain for the next couple of days which is kind of nice because I need to catch up on some things inside.  Eventually my boys and our puppy will need the sun to come back out so they can run off all their energy! 

This morning I was woken up by our puppy making awful noises.  I took her outside and when I broke her back in she went straight to her kennel which isn't like her.  She is usually ready to play first thing in the morning.  I was unable to call the vet this morning because of the electricity being out though and by mid-morning she was back to normal.  I am thinking maybe she ate something she shouldn't have and once she got it out of her system she was fine.  She eats some rather strange things such as pinecones so it is not unlikely.  We are all glad she is feeling better.

Yesterday Tyler(12) had learned about dendrochronology (the study of measuring time using tree rings).  Today he took a paper plate and colored in rings for the different years of a pretend tree's life.  He then used this tree as a timeline for different events in his life.  He started in the middle with the year of his birth as if he and the tree began at the same time.  We used sticky notes to mark the different events.

He also visited another virtual country this afternoon on www.questforcompassion.org .  He is really enjoying their website.

I learned something interesting about my son Christian this morning.  Usually when we play with playdough I knead it before I work with him.  Today I took the playdough out and it seemed pretty soft already so I handed it to him and he wanted nothing to do with it.  After a couple of different tries I came to figure out that he doesn't want to touch the playdough when it is cold.  I stopped and thought about it for a while and it seems like I would have had him touch cold playdough before but I guess I haven't.  It is always fascinating to observe his sensory preferences.

This evening while my husband so sweetly went to the grocery store for me I made pork parmesan for dinner.  I got a new cookbook called Taste of Home the Busy Family Cookbook and we have been trying some recipes out of it.  They haven't been bad so far.  They have been a little bland though. 

This weekend we went to Walmart and purchased two dvds with two movies on each.  The first one is Old Yeller and it's sequel Savage Sam.  I had no idea there was a sequel to Old Yeller to that point.  We watched Old Yeller this weekend and Savage Sam last night.  They were both super.  The other dvd is Secret Garden and A Little Princess.  I am hoping someone will watch those with me too even though they are a bit more "girly".  We really enjoy the old movies and they were only $7 piece so that makes 4 movies for $14.  Not too bad.

I should get going now.  I need to go set up workboxes for tomorrow.  Have a wonderful night!

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