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Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is hard for me to believe that tomorrow is Friday already even though I am not complaining.  We have only had a three day school week here becuase my husband was off on Monday and Tuesday.  Our weekend overall was pretty uneventful.  It was a good weekend we just didn't do a whole lot out of the ordinary.  We had been hoping to go over to Beaufort to see replicas of the Nina and Pinta that were supposed to be there for Memorial Day.  However due to bad weather they were unable to make it.   I was pretty sad about it because I was really looking forward to seeing them.  They are supposed to be very close to what the originals would have been.  We did do the normal Memorial Day stuff though.  We grilled out and had corn on the cob, hamburgers, and hot dogs.  Tim and Tyler took a long bike ride and then in the evening we took a family walk.  We have been scoping out the housing renovations on our walks and trying to figure out where they are going to put us.  They are a lot prettier than what we have now and it will be nice to have a garage although I think we are going to use it more for storage. 
This week is flying right by for me.  Christian has been a little under the weather.  Not too bad but he definately isn't himself.  He is starting to do a little better today so hopefully he will be back to his usual self this weekend.  I did cut his hair today.  I cut it shorter than usual because it is getting warm out and also because he likes to walk around with a blanket on his head and he keeps getting snarls in the back.  I like his hair a little longer usually because he has such beautiful hair (he got that from Tim) but he isn't too fond of having it brushed too much.  I didn't get a picture of him today but I will try to put one on here tomorrow because I know at least my mom after reading this is wondering how short I cut it.  
Tyler has had a good week.  He has this big Madden marathon going on with my husband on the Playstation so he talks about that constantly.  I have to give him credit though he loses everytime and keeps on playing anyhow.  I guess he is a better sport than me because I would have quit several games back.  He has been doing very well in school.  He really loves his workboxes.  They have made a world of difference for him.  It is so nice to see him rushing out in the morning to peek at what is in them.  It really inspires me to be creative when I see him actually get excited about school.  He has impressed me this week in particular because we had a long weekend which is a long time to be off schedule for him and also his grandparents are coming to visit on the 9th-16th of June and usually that is a lot of distraction for him but he has done well this week. 
I am looking forward to a moms night out tomorrow with the moms in our special needs homeschool group.  We are going to a coffee place so you just can't beat that!   I could use some out of the house time.  There has been so much on my mind between moving, Tyler's birthday coming up, and my parents coming to visit.  I have also gotten in a bad habit of doing too much at night when I up with Christian.  I go all day and then most of the night.  I end up with about 4 hours of sleep.  I should be at least resting when I am up with him but I don't so I think I need to work on that.  I just never feel like there is enough time in the day.  I can feel myself getting worn out though.
I think that is about it for tonight!  I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day and I look forward to talking to you again soon!
God Bless!

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