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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Tree Blocks

I am so inspired by our new tree blocks and Tyler seems to really enjoy them.  Last night when I was up waiting for Christian to go to bed I made this coordinate plane on a piece of poster board.  I was going to have Tyler make this too but I thought about it and decided it was going to be too long and tedious of a task for him and I wanted him to focus more on the activity itself.  Here is our graph:

Inspired by one of the activity cards that come with the kit I typed out these sheets on Word.  I am so proud of how much easier it is for me to use word these days!  

I am not sure how well you can read that but to sum it up I gave him two different tasks.  The first was to put "trees" of certain sizes at exact coordinates on the plane.  This way he had to both measure the blocks and then graph the coordinates.  The second activity was to "plant" his "trees" where he wanted them and then write down the coordinates on the sheet. Here are some more pictures.

I put the blocks he would need and the worksheets in his box and the graph by the shelves.  I am thinking this could also be set up as a center activity though and you could do it with objects other than the tree blocks such as toy cars on a road graph or Thomas trains on a rail graph.  Once you made the graph you could really include any objects and make up activity sheets or cards of your own.  Tyler has already asked me if he can use the graph later to play with.  I am betting he is going to use it to graph something to do with football which he is obsessed with.  Just thought I would offer up some ideas.  Have a great day!

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