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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Cozy Rainy Day

Today was another rainy day.  It was actually quite stormy.  We even had a couple of tornados in the area.  One of them was close enough that we all sat in the hallway together for a while.  Four people and a puppy in the hall together is a bit much but better safe then sorry. 

We did not due school today due to the fact that I was up all night with Christian.  He fell asleep at around 1am but then he had an accident in his bed and by the time I got him and the bed changed he was wide awake again.  He didn't fall back to sleep again till about 5am.    I think it goes without saying that when I got up at around 9 I was still very tired.  I did at least get some things accomplished around here though.

I enjoyed being able to bake today as I haven't had a lot of time to do that lately.  I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  You can never have too much chocolate!  I also made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn which went very well with the rainy day. 

Today we made some arrangements for my husband to take our son Tyler up to Virginia next month for his birthday.  They are going to go to Bush Gardens and see Tobymac and Mandisa in concert.  They are two of Tyler's favorite artists.  My husband is also a big Tobymac fan so I know they will have a lot of fun.  Back in December they went to see Casting Crowns and had a great time also.  I think Tyler thinks it is cool that he and his dad listen to the same music.  Now if I could only talk them into getting excited about Vivaldi with me. 

Last night I beat my husband at chess so tonight he beat me at rummy.  It is nice to have some time to play games together.  We don't get a lot of "husband and wife" time.  He did give me a nice flower the other day.  After lunch he was in the kitchen and he made me a flower out of some pipe cleaners I had out on the counter.  I thought it was very sweet.  I am very sappy about simple things like that.  I thought I would share a picture of it.


All of our boxes for tomorrow are already full because we didn't do school today so  it is nice to have a night off from filling boxes.  I was looking for a book on our shelves earlier this evening and I found a book had started awhile back and never completed.  It is Lord, Give Me a Heart for You by Kay Arthur.  I think after I am done blogging I will sit down and read that for a while.  Before I go I have a few random pictures from the last couple of days.

Tyler rolling out homeade chocolate playdough.

Christian and daddy making music.

Bored puppy girl.

I am off now with my book an d coffee. 

Have a blessed night!

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