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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tyler's workboxes this year

We have been using Sue Patrick's workbox system for Tyler since January.  It has been a wonderful experience so far.  He will be in the 7th grade this year and I have been working hard on planning out his boxes.  I started with a list of subjects that he will be studying this year and how many times a week I wanted to include each subject.  This is what I came up with:

Devotions (Keys for Kids) 5X a week

Bible (BJU Bible Truths) 5X a week

Rosseta Stone Latin 5X a week

Saxon Algerbra 1/2 4X a week

Math Hands on Activities (created by mom) 1X a week

Science (Apologia General Science with matching lapbook from Knowledge Box Centeral) 5X a week

Quiet time box (Jonathon Park audio cd's) 5X a week

Copywork (Queen Homeschool Copywork for Boys) 3X a week

Writing & Grammar (BJU 7th grade) 2X a week

Geography (various sources) 1X a week

History ( BJU World Studies) 4X a week

Spelling (Spelling Workout) 4x a week

Spelling Activity (created by mom) 1X a week

Language Lessons for the Secondary Child (Queen Homeschool) 4X a week

Grammar Activity Box (created by mom) 1 X a week

Quarter Mile Math cdrom 1X a week

art 2 X a week

Music 1X a week

Nature Study (Handbook of Nature Study) 1X a week

Reading (Reading Detective B1) 3X a week

Reading with mom 2X a week

After deciding what I wanted to put in his boxes for a week I then took a schedule and decided which day would include which boxes.  Each day has 12 boxes.  I then use my schedule of daily boxes to start writing a list of exactly what assingments and activities will be in each box.  I have the first two weeks done so far.  I would have liked to be farther than that by now but I haven't had a lot of time with moving.  It really helps that we have been doing this for awhile now because I have a better understanding of how to schedule his boxes so that he stays interested and it takes about the same amount of time each day.  He does six boxes before lunch and 6 after lunch.  I may include more center activities this year also but I at least want to get him started on his regular boxes first.  I am excited to start school again on Monday!

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