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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christian's wednesday workboxes

I was going to try and post Christian's workboxes for today this morning but I didn't have enough time.  I thought that the best way to show what he does in his workboxes is to well...show you.  Because of his developmental level and still somewhat resistance to sitting down and "working" with me his activities are  fairly simple.  Perhaps a parent who has a severely autistic child will understand though that half the lesson is just learning to complete it.  He is doing a little better at that.

Here are some (not all) of his workboxes today:

These are his counting cakes.  They help him to work on his fine motor but also on his one to one correspondence.  He likes these but wants to put all the candles in at once.  Sometimes I have to hold on to the candles and only give him one at a time. This is what they look like when they are done.

This is our book I made the other day.  We are still loving it and I am amazed at his concentration when he does it.  I still need to make more like this.  If I could only find a way to give up sleeping!

This is our cherry scented playdough.  This is a sensory treat for him! He loves to play playdough.  Sometimes he doesn't want to stop.

This is our cutting box.  We do it a couple of times a day.  His scissors opens by itself which is much easier for him.  I tabe the strips of paper across the top of the box so he doesn't have to concentrate on holding the paper while he cuts.  I also stagger the lines so he can't just cut right through them all at once.

Next is our saxoflute.  He gets to put it together and then blow through it and play music.  He gets both fine motor and oral motor practice with this and music which he loves.

The next one I am going to show you is an activity he still struggles with and frankly doesn't like a whole lot but is good fine motor practice.

You have to use the tongs to feed the bones to the dog.  He doesn't see the need for the tongs when he can just use his fingers.  We are still working on this one but may abandon it and try something else if it frustrates him too much.                   

Finally is another rather new activity for him but one that is going a bit better.  Awhile ago at Michaels I got these scented paint markers and I print off some pattern sheets off the computer.  We use the markers to make dots to fill the patterns.  I am trying to teach him to write the letter C for his name so todays sheet is a big letter C.  We did this one twice too.

That's it for today.  I am going to try to show picture of his boxes at least once a week this year.  I wish I could figure out a way to show pictures of him doing them but I have to help him so I can't be taking pictures.  

See you later!                                

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Heather Laurie said...

How neat! I was just asking around about the workbox system. I saw Sue Patrick at the midwest convention. I liked what she was doing but... I wasn't sure this could be done with a large family, or several special needs children? I also wasn't sure how much prep time goes into it for mom? What do you think? I love what you are doing!
God bless
Heather Laurie

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