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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tyler's workboxes for Wednesday

This is where Tyler does his workboxes every day.  Would you like to know what is in those boxes today?

1.  Keys for Kids devotion

2.  (Work with Mom box)  Prayer time with Operation World (We find the country we are praying for on the globe and then read the prayer requests in the book)  and Bible (Bob Jones)

3.  30 minutes of Rosseta Stone Latin

4.  Play Made for Trade boardgame with mom.  We are studying the barter system and the start of banking so this is a good reinforcer. 

5. Saxon math 76 (we are still finishing this book from last year) lesson on square roots

6.  Quiet time for 30 minutes listening to Jonathon Park on cd with headphones

7.  page in Spelling Workout

8.  Apologia General Science questions on experiments we did about atoms last week

9.  copywork from Queen Homeschool Copywork for Boys

10. file folder game to learn the musical alphabet

11.  Bob Jones writing and grammar lesson on fragments

12.  Bob Jones World Studies- read section on towns and trade and make a VENN diagram comparing the barter system with the system of money and banking for the lapbook/scrapbook we are making

I thought I would give you a little peek at what a normal day looks like for him.  He is doing pretty well with school so far.  He has been a bit unfocused and quite the chatterbox but we are working on it.  He seems to be enjoying science in particular and we are also trying to learn a little music theory which is something we haven't done a lot of in the past.  I will try to give you a peek at Christians boxes also but I will do that in the morning because everyone is finally asleep and I am on my way there too!



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