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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bible teaching for special needs children

It has been on my heart for awhile to share this but I just keep forgetting when I sit down at my computer.     I had purchased Special Buddies Bible Teaching for Kids to use with Christian a couple of years ago and then forgot about it and it got shuffled away with a bunch of other homeschool stuff.  When we moved I rediscovered it and I was so thrilled.  I know that parents with special needs kids often have to either adapt regular curriculum or pay a lot of money for materials designed just for special kids.  This program is inexpensive and ready to use.  I think that it is actually intended to be used in a Sunday school or church program but it works great for homeschool as well.   It has a teacher guide that is sold for only $5.25 and a student guide that is sold for only $2.95.  Both are available at Lifeway.com.  I am not sure if they are available at their stores also.  They come out with a new one each season.  The copy I have is Fall 2007.  Remember this got lost in my clutter.  I am going to use the copy I have with him and then purchase the next season.  Here is a picture of my copy.

Inside it has Bible stories, activities (many of them that also deal with life skills), and even has Bible verses in sign language.  Here are a couple of more pictures.

You can also checkout samples on their website . I just wanted to share this with you all because I was excited to rediscover this.  It so important to me that we can share the Bible with our special kids too! 


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