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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurricane Tracking

We live on the Atlantic coast and so this time of year we pay a lot of attention to the storms brewing in the ocean.  Hurricane Bill is looming out there right now as a category 3 hurricane and Tyler has been excited to be able to use his hurricane tracking map that his grandma bought him last year while she was here on a visit. 

His map is laminated and so we use dry erase markers with it so we can wipe away the storms when they are gone.

This is a great way for him not to only learn about hurricanes but also to use lattitude and longitude lines.  We use the National Hurricane Center to get the coordinates of the storms.  You could use a hurricane tracking map printed from the internet covered with clear contact paper or laminted to do the same.  This could be a fun activity to include in your workboxes during the hurricane season. 

 Here are a few other links about hurricanes to check out:

1. How a hurricane is formed

2.  2009 Hurricane names

3.  lots of great hurricane printables and activities

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