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Monday, August 17, 2009

I need two more hours in every day

I really do wish I could have about two more hours in every day.    I know though if I was given those two I would only want two more.  I am a lot like the mouse in the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie as it always comes down to something more.  I have so many ideas floating around in my mind of things I would like to make for school, recipes I would like to try, or home decor projects I am wanting to do.  I try not to be distracted by it all but I must admit I am.

  I did get some stuff done this weekend.  I finished buying the drawers and shelves I needed to finish organizing my homeschool closet.  Now I just need to work on sorting everything.  It is amazing that even with my efforts to get rid of the things I felt we no longer needed I have so much stuff in there.  It is currently a rather scary place!

Football fever has arrived back at our house.  Tyler can be seen wearing a jersey every day of the week now.

Even Christian enjoys hanging out with dad and watching the game.

I think he is wondering why they get to play so rough and we always stop him from doing the same thing.

We also went to the mall this weekend and Christian did extremely well.  He made it all the way there. through the mall, and back home without getting upset once.  Yipee!  It was nice to go shopping as a family.  Tyler managed to get two new ball caps.  One is a Panther cap and the other is a Buckeye cap.  Those are his two favorite teams.  He has quite the cap collection.  They go well with the football jerseys he wears every day.  We also got a great deal on season 6 of Little House on the Prairie at Barnes& Noble which is the next season we needed because we have the five before that.  It was a good family time.

Today, my husband Tim re-enlisted in the Marines for another 3 years.  He has served already for 18.  I am proud of my hero!

I also recieved a ceritificate for my support of him and my sacrifices as a wife of a Marine.  I thought that was pretty special and it is nice to know that you are appreciated.

I think that about wraps it up.  School is going fairly well.  I will write more about that tomorrow. Before I go I just want to share one more picture.

Christian enjoying a big hug and kiss from daddy.

I love my guys!

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