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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Christian's workboxes for this year

Christian will being doing 12 workboxes this year also.  His workboxes I schedule a little differently than Tyler's because of his developmental level.  His boxes as sorted as such:

2 life skill boxes a day ( pouring water, sorting silverware, using a spoon, etc.)

2 communication / language boxes a day (picture and gesture communication activities)

4 sensory boxes a day (rice, beans, shaving cream, finger painting, etc.)

1 writing box a day (mostly tracing and working on straight lines and circles)

1 cutting box a day (cutting strips of paper with self opening scissors)

2 fine motor boxes a day (lacing, beads, tongs, etc.)

I will still be working mostly with him on Floortime activities because it is still where he is most comfortable.  I do want him to have more organized sit down type of work this year though.  We started doing workboxes with him somewhat last year and he wasn't overly interested but he was cooperative for the most part.  I think I need to work a little harder on finding things that will interest him (not always an easy task). 

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