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Monday, August 3, 2009


This summer has been such a blur so far.  Moving and trying to get ready to start school again have consumed so much of my energy.  I truly needed a little time away from all that this weekend.  On Friday night I went to go have coffee with some ladies from our homeschool group.  I was able to leave a little early because my wonderful husband was watching our boys.    I wandered through Michaels for awhile by myself before heading over to Booksamillion for coffee.  Just wandering through a store by yourself sometimes can be an amazing thing!  It ended up being just myself and another lady for coffee.  We stayed there for about three hours and talked.   I had a lovely time.  Today we wanted to get out and do something as a family but were unsure of what exactly we wanted to do.  It has been very hot here so our choices were a bit limited by that.  Our boys don't do long car rides either.  We decided to head to Swansboro.  It is a nice little town that has a cute little downtown with  quaint little shops and  restaurants.  It is also right on the water which is very pretty.  We got started over there after lunch and shortly after we left it started  to pour outside and it didn't look like we were going to be able to enjoy walking from shop to shop outside.  We started to discuss other options but as we got closer the rain cleared up.    We put Christian in his special needs stroller and my awesome husband pushed him up and down the street while Tyler and I went in the shops as we couldn't fit the stroller into the shops.  I would love to show you tons of pictures of all the beautiful things we saw but I forgot the camera at home.  I did take one picture of Tyler on my phone.  There is an adorable little 50's shop and restaurant there called Yanamamas.  It has a ton of 50's memorabilia and even a jukebox that was playing Elvis songs while we were in there.  It is too cute.  Tyler loves Elvis and outside there was a lifesize statue of him so I had to get a picture of Tyler and Elvis together.

We really need to take Tyler back there sometime to eat because I think he would love it.  The website is http://www.yanamamas.com/ if you are interested.  We also visited some of the other shops along the street.  I loved another shop called the Quilt Cottage.  They had so many gorgeous quilts and were reasonably priced.  I ended up getting some charming new quilted placemats there.  We also sat and watched the boats out on the water for a short time too.  It was so nice to get out and was just what I needed.  I feel a little refreshed now and ready to press on with the rest of our work around here and plung into the new school year.  Hope everyone else is finding a little time to refresh and renew also.  It is so important!  Bye for now!

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