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Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall Writing Prompt Poster Center

Okay, the fall bug has bit me bad!  I have sooo many ideas in my head.  I wanted to make a fun writing center for Tyler and I am not quite sure how it all came about but I like how it turned out so here goes....
The Pumpkin Patch of Writing Prompts
I took some green construction paper and cut them into vines.  I am not sure how successful I was there because they kind of look like seaweed to me.  But, anyways, I glued them on to a brown poster board to form little pockets.  I then used Microsoft Word to put a bunch of fall writing prompts unto pumpkin patterns.  I then printed them out onto orange card stock.
I then tucked the pumpkins into the pockets and printed out a title for the poster.  This is super easy!  My plan is to put this out with some fall themed writing paper and some fun pencils.
I finally figured out how to share PDF files on the internet so here are the patterns for the pumpkins if you are interested.  They are black and white so you will have to print them on orange paper.
Don't forget to keep adding your fall workbox ideas to my giveaway.  I love all the ideas you have shared so far.
Have a blessed night!

Pumpkin Prompts

1 comment:

Ava's Mom said...

Such a cute idea! I love it.

I think you did a great job with the vines -- those couldn't have been easy to cut!!

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