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Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekends are Just too Short

Another weekend is gone by.  They go way too quickly!  It seems I am forever caught in the mental battle of all the things I want to accomplish on the weekend that I didn't get done during the week and spending time with my family.  If I press too hard to accomplish my tasks I feel like I have deprived my family of my time.  However, if I don't accomplish the things I need to get done I spend the rest of the week two steps behind.  Either way I feel like I lose.  I need to spend some time analyzing how to better structure my time.  I also need to spend more time praying about it and trusting that God will provide the time to do those things that are truly important.  I think sometimes I get wrapped up in my priorities and forget about His.  Need to work on that too!

Other than moving by  way too quickly I think our weekend was fairly happy.  On Saturday morning I did my menu planning for the week.  I tried to involve my husband in this as I like to cook meals that are enjoyable for him.  We sat together at the dining room table with my menu planner, an array of cookbooks, and some cooking magazines.  He was however completely engrossed in pictures and recipes for chocolate cake and other goodies.  He really never contributed to the meal planning but it was a lot of fun anyway.  Saturday afternoon I went grocery shopping.  I took a long time to shop and enjoyed being alone out of the house for awhile.  I have come to two realizations about shopping without my children.  The first one is that my cart gets packed much neater as I shop.  The second thing that I have noticed is that I also buy more and consequently spend more.  I think this is due in part to the better packed shopping cart so I actually have more room and also I have more time to look at things I don't normally buy. 

After I got home and put away the groceries we played outside for quite awhile.  We inflated our Little Tikes inflatable bounce for ds11 which he enjoyed a whole bunch.  Ds12 took our dog on the trampoline and had a fun time.  She is the easiest going dog as long as she is getting attention I think she would go about anywhere.  We had such beautiful weather all weekend so it was nice to be out.

This morning my wonderful hubby made omelets and bacon for breakfast which was delicious as always.  My husband cooks two things very well.  They are the best pumpkin pie in the world and his very  very tasty omelets. 

After lunch today we went to Kmart to get some more recycling bins.  We needed some because ours is always overflowing but also because this week we are studying about ecology and I thought as part of that we could learn to sort our recyclables.  When we got home we played outside.  Ds12 played with the neighbor kids and I worked with ds11 on riding the scooter he got for Christmas.  He has a scooter board in the house (the kind you sit on and scoot around) and he uses it like a skateboard.  He has the most amazing balance!  He is starting to catch on to  his scooter outside.  I think he is going to love it when he gets the hang of it. After that we went for a nice family walk.  Our puppy is crazy about squirrels lately so my husband had to walk her part  of the way because ds12 isn't strong enough to hold her when she decides to pursue a squirrel and he has gotten knocked over a couple of times.

As for tonight I have been getting our workboxes for tomorrow ready.  So here is what will be in our workboxes tomorrow.

ds12's boxes

1. devotions from Keys for Kids

2.Bible (Bob Jones) Unit 6 lesson 3  and prayer (we are praying from Operation World and tomorrow is Cuba)

3. 20 minutes of Rosetta Stone Latin

4.  Cereal box nutrition label comparison activity

5. Saxon Math 65 lesson 70 reducing fractions before multiplying

6.  30 minutes of  quiet time listening to Jonathan Park audio

7. read ecology section from Contenders for the Faith

8. Latina Christiana flash cards with mom and play Latin sayings hangman

9.  Finish Joan of Arc by Diane Stanley and lapbook about it

10.  copywork Luke 24: 3-4

11. Spectrum reading grade 6 pages 112- 113

12. Recycling sorting center

ds11 is starting with 6 boxes

1. tracing lines using a sheet inside of a sheet protector and tracing with dry erase

2.  playdough

3.  putting poker chips into a slit in a frosting container

4.  more line tracing

5.  pegs into foam pegboard

6.  Snack (chexmix)

We need to start slow and with a lot of success and encouragement.  I am also going to do some sensory activities with him and dried rice. 

It should be a good day tomorrow. Ds12 is really looking forward to studying about recycling.  We are even going to make a robot out of an aluminum can.  I found the kit on Amazon.  Here is the link if anyone is interested.  http://www.amazon.com/Tin-Can-Robot-Science-Kit/dp/B0014WO96Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1240200417&sr=8-1

He looks like he will be pretty cute when he is done.  Here is a picture.  I will post a picture of ours when we complete it.

I need to go fold laundry now and get some sleep.  I hope you have a blessed week! TTFN!

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