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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday Workboxes

The following are ds12's workboxes for Monday:

1.  devotions (Keys for Kids)

2. Prayer time with mom using Operation World.  We will be praying for Egypt.  Also Bible lesson from Bob Jones Bible Grade 6

3. 30 minutes of Rosetta Stone Latin

4.Go to Press grammar game from Learning Resources

5. Saxon Math 7/6 lesson on parellograms

6. 30 minutes of quiet time listening to the audio book Kingdom's Edge

7. section on trees from Contenders for the Faith

8. read from Castle by David Macaulay and do lapbook section on different parts of a castle

9. copywork Matthew 28: 16-17

10. using 10 preposition picture cards from LDA he will write a sentence with a prepostional phrase from each card and then diagram his sentences

11. lesson from Spectrum reading grade 6

12. Go outside and collect leaves from five trees and take pictures of the same trees.  We are going to use these later to identify the names of the trees.

The following are ds11's workboxes.  He just started workboxes last week and is severely autistic so he only does about four to six boxes a day.

1. playdough

2.  tracing lines of worksheet in document protector with dry erase marker

3. putting quills in porcupine game/ toy

4. rice box with color sorting bears

5. snack


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