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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny Day

Hello again!

I am happy to say that after many days of rain we finally had a beautiful sunny day today!   We were able to get outside for awhile this afternoon and then took a family walk this evening after supper.  It was very nice.

I am currently up waiting for ds11 to succumb to sleep.  It is about 1 am and he is still fighting it.  I got him this new little night light that he can hold because he will not leave a regular nightlight plugged in the wall.  He was never scared of the dark before but seems to be just recently.  Unfortunately having the overhead light on in his room is not very conducive to sleep.  He was really fascinated by the new nightlight last night and stayed in bed pretty well until he fell asleep.  I guess the novelty wore off fast because it is not working tonight.  Oh well.

Anyways I am sitting here now with my cup of coffee and the computer and enjoying the smell of my new candle that I bought the other day.  After several days of rain the house was beginning to smell a little too much like our wet puppy so I bought a new Yankee Candle.  It is vanilla cupcake which I am not sure if it is a new fragrance but it is to me at least.  My husband thinks it is cruel because it smells like I have been baking in the house when I haven't. I think to make up for the cruelty I will have to bake him some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I made salisbury steak for dinner tonight which turned out good.  On Thursday I also tried a new recipe for pork chops which turned out very nice.  It was from a cookbook I received from my parents for Christmas.  It is one of those with recipes from a bunch of ladies at a church.  Those are always the best don't you think?!  I did my meal planning for the week so we are trying some new recipes and also I am not tempted just to make something easy. 

Last night I found something new to me from one of my yahoo groups.  It is the Keepers of the Faith books.  They look like so much fun and I think I am going to be able to use them about once a week in our workbox system.  I ordered the Contenders for the Faith for ds12 and am still considering Little Contenders for ds11.  I can't believe I have never run across these before.  The website for these books is http://www.keepersofthefaith.com/.  You probably already know about these great books but maybe a few of you are like me and didn't.  Their website looks like it has a lot of other great stuff too.  I haven't had time yet to fully explore but I will have to soon.

Well, I should be going now I need to go make Palm Sunday gifts for the kids.  I take an empty paper towel roll and wrap it in brown construction paper and the tape green construction paper leaves on one end and seal off the other end with a circle of construction paper.  I fill the inside with a treat like M&Ms for ds12 and Goldfish crackers for ds11.  I then write Hosana down the side of the tube.  We live for traditions in our family.  I think it is important to make memories with your kids.

Farewell for now!

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