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Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I slept in until 7:30am this morning so I am running way behind.  I am taking a "coffee break" right now though so I decided to blog a little bit. 

I flipped the calendar to April yesterday and came to the scary realization that Easter is just around the corner and I haven't even started to prepare yet.  Yikes!   So last night we started our Resurection Eggs.  Usually for bedtime we read a story out of our Bible story book and then a chapter out of whatever book we are reading which right now is House of Sixty Fathers.  During Easter however we open an egg and read the pages that tell about the signifigance of what is inside the egg instead of our Bible story book.  Last night was the blue egg with the donkey.  Ds12 loves the eggs and likes to play with the pieces and retell the stories so it is lots of fun.

I also got going on ordering Easter presents for the boys this morning also.  We don't really do much in the way of candy because ds11 doesn't eat candy at all and ds12 although he will eat a little isn't really a big fan of sweets either.  We will also be doing an Easter egg hunt with our homeschool group this year so we are looking forward to that.  We also love making resurrection buns and have been doing that for quite a few years now too.  The link for that is:  http://homeparents.about.com/cs/eastercrafts/a/eastertradition.htm if you are unfamiliar.  I encourage you to try it.

This year will be a good Easter.  Last year my husband left for Afghanistan about a week before Easter so even though we did Easter baskets before he left it just didn't feel quite right.  We are happy to have him home this year though.

Yesterday was a good day until about 4:30 or so when everybody decided to get cranky at the same time which made me super cranky.  I am ashamed to admit that but it is true.  Overall though the day went well.  We did a booklet for a lapbook about the Vikings which was actually more review because we just finished studying the vikings not that long ago.  We did some fun language arts worksheets with a April Fools theme from Mailbox magazine annd did a neat poster of the digestive system which I am going to post a picture of because ds12 did a beautiful job. 

Well, I guess I should get going.  I need to go make up a menu plan for the week so I can go grocery shopping this evening.  I also need to make up some activities for ds11.  It is hard to find to find premade cirriculum for him so most things need to be made by hand or heavily modified.  I am thinking about setting up a workbox system for him over by the table now that ds12 does a lot of his work in the morning independently I will have more time to sit with ds11 and teach him to work through his boxes also. 

Off I go so until later take care and have an awesome day!


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