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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday and Good Friday

I hope everyone is having a nice Easter weekend.  Yesterday (thursday) we had our last day of school before we started our 4 day weekend.  We had a good day.  We did our usual school stuff and watched a Bible Heroes DVD on Easter while coloring Easter coloring pages I printed off.  Ds12 made a very nice picture.  He used half of a paper plate to represent Jesus' tomb and then cut a hole for the doorway and put a picture of an angel inside the tomb.  He also put a picture of Mary and Mary outside the tomb and then used a piece of brown paper crumpled into a ball for the stone that was rolled away.   It turned out very nice.  Thursday night we dyed Easter eggs.  We used a kit where you spray on paint after you have dyed the eggs.  They remind me of the paint splatter look that was popular in the eighties.  It was fun though.  Here are some pictures:

This morning I got to sleep in a little.  I slept all the way until about 8am.  It felt good!   We made our Resurrection buns this morning which is a lot of fun and taste awesome.  We have been doing them for about 4 or 5 years now and ds12 is so good at them now he could probably make them without me.  It is much more fun to do together though.  Here is a picture of our buns.

As soon as the buns were done baking I put my brisket in the oven for supper.  Then after lunch we watched the Gospel of John for three hours like we usually do on Good Friday.  I just love their portrayl of Jesus and the fact that the entire script is the book of John.  After the movie ds12 wanted to go outside to play with the neighbor children who had just gotten home from school.  I was actually quite horrified to find out that the schools in our city had school today.  I guess I must be really naive but I thought they were still taking off on Good Friday.  Anyways he went out to play and let the dog out by accident and when my husband went to talk to him about it he got way more upset then the situation required and he started hitting and consequently never ended up being able to play.  I think he is excited about Easter and his spring allergies are really irritating him and he way over reacted to simple correction.  I also noticed that as we are approaching the teen years he is so much more frustrated with the lack of ability to put his emotions into words.  This is the part of autism that is so frustrating because he knows and understands so much but is still limited in how he communicates it.  People think he is feeling one way because he states what he is thinking in the first words that he comes up with but often it isn't really accurate and as time goes by he will slowly come up with the words to say what he is really thinking to me.  Unfortunately by the time he does get it out the situation is usually long past gone.  We continue to work on it though.  I am definitely feeling blessed in this area to be able to have him at home.  I know if he was gone at school he would be frustrated all day with the lack of ability to communicate his frustrations.  We did move on after dinner and were able to enjoy the rest of our day together as a family.  We went  for a nice long walk.  The weather was beautiful and I think the exercise was good for all of us. 

Tomorrow is a work day for us.  I need to get some housework and homeschool planning done.  We also need to give our stinky little puppy a bath.  This will be the first one since we got her so I guess we will find out how she feels about baths.   Other than that we are going to try to play a family game of UNO and maybe another walk.

I must be going now.  I need to make sure the coffee maker is set up for morning or it will be very ugly. lol  Have a great Saturday!

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