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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Musings

This morning was amazing!  Ds11 came and sat down with me at the table all on his own to work.  He sat with me for over an hour without even attempting to walk away.  He had perfect focus.  It was so great!  He  just loves playdough right now so we worked with that for quite a while.  He was bit on his right hand by a spider back in November and it has taken a very long time to completely heal.  Ever since then he has had a hard time with his hands. He is getting a lot better though so we are working a lot on anything that will increase his hand strength and get his fine motor coordination back to where it was before the bite.  I have seen major improvements lately and am extremely optimistic.  I do know he is now favoring his left hand though when he previously favored his right.  I am interested to see if he switches back when we get his right hand strong again. 

We did a half day of school today because after lunch we took our puppy girl to the vet for some shots and basic doggy stuff.  We took her to Banfield Pet Hospital which is inside of PetSmart.  Ds12 and I took her into her appointment while my husband walked ds11 around in his special needs stroller.  It went very well and our little Lucy is healthy and happy.  I was proud of ds12 as he was a lot of help keeping her calm during her shots and he also asked the vet some great questions about what she was doing with Lucy.  He was very mature about it all.  After the vet we walked through PetSmart and we got Miss Lucy another toy.  She is a bit spoiled!   Lucy was very interested in PetSmart.  I think she thought she had arrived in doggy heaven.  Her new toy is adorable.  It is a little tire with a rope going through it.  Unfortunately when we played in the house with it the tire left black scuff marks all over the wood floors.  It will now be an outside toy.  She does like it a bunch though.

Other than that I guess it has been an uneventful night.  I am waiting for ds11 to fall asleep as usual.  I am going to write a letter to our compassion child in India when I am done typing this blog.  We really need to get a family photo so we can send her that also.  I will probably set up boxes for tomorrow and take a look at some websites on trees we can explore this week.  I guess that is all for now.

Take care and see you tomorrow!

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