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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Half Day Off

I don't think I ever really woke up today.  I am not sure if it was the beautiful day calling outside or just general tiredness but I wasn't able to really get in the swing of things all day.  We did accomplish some work this morning.  Ds12 did about six workboxes.  He is really struggling with math right now which is very out of character for him.  He is somewhat of an autistic savant in math.  He can do complicated problems in his head that most adults would struggle to figure out as fast on a calculator.  I use Saxon math with him which he has done very well with.  Right now however he is at a point where he is doing a lot of geometry and it is frustrating him because it is not as much computation.  I try to give him extra workboxes that deal with more hands on geometry concepts but it is still very hard for him. 

Here he is working with some cubes and task cards to figure out some volume problems.  I noticed after I took the  picture that he is biting his bottom lip because he is concentrating so hard.  He is not used to working so hard at math.  He did get to do some magnet activities also this morning which he loves so at least his morning was not completly difficult.  Here he is with his magnets looking much more relaxed.

Here is the kit he was playing with. It has an activity booklet inside with lots of fun projects.  We have a couple of magnet kits in our home and both of our boys enjoy them.

Ds11 and I sat down to work through his boxes this morning and I am really impressed that he is actually sitting down and staying there with me. As long as we start with playdough it seems he is willing to try at his other tasks.  It was kind of funny this morning though as I thought I had this great activity for him to work on his small motor and concentration.  We have this porcupine game with quills.  Here is a picture of it.

I wanted him to take out the quills and put them one by one in the creamer bottle.  My thoughts on this were the quills are fairly long and spaced apart so he couldn't grab them all at once which he likes to do and also the opening to the creamer container is small so he would have to do one at a time and watch his fingers while he was doing it.  However about two quills into the activity he picked up the porcupine and all the quills fell out.  Oops!  I didn't anticipate that so now I will have to glue the porcupine to the bottom of the box.  He is always keeping me on my toes!

Yesterday I recieved an email from Compassion International announcing their new website for kids.  It is www.questforcompassion.org/learn . Ds12 was excited about this as he has a big heart for missons so after lunch he went on and completed the section on El Salvador.  I don't know if he will ever reach the point with his autism but I think he would really do well to be involved in missons somehow when he grows up. 

After the beautiful day calling through the windows to us all morning we went out and played for awhile this afternoon. 

Look at all that sunshine.  Who could say no to that?  I would like to show you a picture of my other son outside also but my camera was having an attitude.  It is working fine now but it locked up and wouldn't even let me turn it off outside.  Very confusing!

This evening me laziness continued on and I just couldn't get into a cooking mood.  So my wonderful husband went and got us KFC.  My husband and sons watched a show on NFL network after that while I took a nice long shower.  Ds12 is really enjoying having NFL network.  We haven't had cable television for about seven years and we just got SkyAngel a couple of weeks ago.  Initially I was concerned that the television would become the center of attention around here but it really has been working out okay so far.  We told ds12 he could pick out about four hours a week to watch and he has been very good about selecting what is important to him mainly football and christian music.  My husband and I have done very well also and I don't feel that it is on more than about an hour a day.  DS11 has become quite taken with a show on Discovery Kids which comes on right around lunch.  I am not sure what the name of the show is but it has a bear that raps songs about science.  He loves music!

Tonight my husband brought in from outside the treadmill that ds12 is getting from his grandparents for his birthday.  His room is not very big.  Did I mention we live in military housing?  Those of you who do will understand but for the rest of you I can only say it an orginizational challenge.  Anyways something in his room had to come out for his treadmill to go in.  We took his keyboard out since he never touches it.  I put it on the table because frankly I am not sure where else to put it now.  Ds11 was in heaven about it all however.  He has always had a special connection to music.  He can't talk but when he was only about three he could hum a song that he had heard on the television.  He gravites towards anything with music and so when he saw that keyboard he sat right down.  He can't have one in his room because he is too rough with things for that but maybe we will have to try and find a place in the living room where we can keep an eye on him while he plays with it.  He just loves it.

It was really sweet to watch. 

Well, I should be going to bed now.  Y'all have a good night! 

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