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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back on Track

Today was a nice day.  First we had Easter weekend, Monday was our field trip, and yesterday was just way off but today we are back to normal.  Okay so we don't really do "normal" here but at least as close as we get.  Our morning went pretty smoothly.  Ds12 got an A+ on his Bible test even though he hasn't reviewed since last Thursday.  My husband was able to join us briefly this morning also for a game of Not in My Atlas which was a lot of fun.  It is a game from Rand McNally Flashcards I purchased last year from Kmart.

They look like this and cost about 3 dollars.  They are lots of fun.

This afternoon we worked on reading a book about Joan of Arc which we will finish tommorrow and then lapbook about it.  We also learned about nutrition and calculated the amount of calories we need in a day.  We had to weigh ourselves to do this.  My oldest is 12 years old and 79 pounds while my youngest is 11 years old and 105 pounds and at least 2 inches taller than his brother.  Our oldest was born premature because I had eclampsia.  He was 3 lbs then and just seems to be destined to be little.  Our youngest is severely autistic and only eats a very limited variety of food and still seems to grow like a weed.  Most of the time people think our youngest is the older one and vice versa.

Yesterday the Contenders for the Faith book I had ordered came.  Both my husband and I looked through it and are very impressed with it.  I look forward to incorporating it into our workboxes.  I am going to start next week when we do Earth Day and do the ecology section in the book.  I think it will help give us a biblical prospective on it.  Then after that I think we will do the trees section for Arbor Day.  Maybe after that we will do the tool section just because my husband seemed pretty interested in that.  Maybe it will lead into some good father and son time.

This evening we ordered pizza for dinner.  We don't eat fast food anymore so when we order pizza about once a month it is pretty exciting.  We have a very low delight level here.  My darling husband even ordered veggie pizza on a wheat crust for me which goes against everything he believes a pizza should be.  What a guy!

After pizza we watched some Little House on the Prairie.  We have the first five seasons on DVD.  We really love Little House.  Ds11 sat with us while we watched and after a little while even ds12 came out and watched too.  It was nice family time. 

Now it is late and I am the only one still up.  After being on an off schedule the last couple of months with our youngest my sleep is messed up and even when he falls asleep I am still wide awake.  How sad is that!   I guess I will finish folding the laundry and finish the vocabulary word list for upcoming Earth/ Arbor Day units and see if I can fall asleep. 

Have a great night!

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