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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Heavy Heart

Well, here I am again up way too late waiting for ds11 to fall asleep.  Today went by very fast as weekend days always do.  I am in a bit of a down mood tonight after watching Michael Farris on Foxnews with Huckabee.  I am very concerned about  the UN Convention on Rights of a Child treaty.  I know God is in control and he is watching over our family but I am alarmed at what the impact of this treaty would be on ours and  so many other families.  It seems to strip away most of the rights parents have to raise their children in the way they seem fit.  It makes me sick to think that the nation my husband and so many other men and women work so hard to defend has come to this point. 

 I pray, Lord that you will look over our families and perserve our right to raise the children you have entrusted us with in the ways of your word.  My heart is heavy and my spirit troubled, Lord.  Please help our country to make decisions that will honor you.  

If you missed the program tonight or if you are interested in the CRC treaty here are some links:






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