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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Tree Painting

Today we sponge painted fall trees.  I have been wanting to do this with them for awhile now but it keeps getting pushed off.  Today I was determined to finally paint with them.  It was lots of fun.

We used the kind of sponges you would use in the shower with body wash and red and yellow paint to make the leaves.  It was interesting to see the sensory differences in my two boys.  I am not sure if you will be able to tell from the pictures but I will try to explain.

This was Christian's painting and even with me guiding his hands he barely pressed down.   He is very tactile defensive and doesn't like to press hard.  He is a lot better about touching things then he once was but you can still see a lot of defensiveness when we do things like this.

This is Tyler's painting.  He is a child who can't process any information about what he feels unless he presses hard or grabs with all his might.  He has to feel everything.  When he colors he pushes the crayon through the paper so when he paints he also lays it on heavy.  I had to put his out in the sun to dry.

I am often fascinated by these differences.  I marvel at two kids with similar diagnosis and significant sensory issues that approach things in such different ways.

I did enjoy the fact that Tyler added a leaf pile at the bottom of his painting and that he wanted to add kids and a dog playing in the leaves.  He also added a squirrel in the tree just for our dog Lucy.  LOL I really loved that!

Now the paintings are hanging in our private collection (aka the living room).

Kid art is my favorite kind of art!

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