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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pennies for Peace

We have really been enjoying our new prayer center to help us focus on praying for a new country each week.  Next week we will be praying for and learning about Pakistan.  Last year while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan I read a lot of books about that part of the world because I wanted to connect with what he was experiencing.  The book that really touched me the most was Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.  If you haven't read this book I want to encourage you to do so.  Greg has an amazing story and he has used his life to do so much for the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  In preparing for next week I was looking for resources we could use and was surprised and delighted to find out that his book is now available in a young readers edition      and a children's picture book edition  .  I can't wait to share this book with my boys! 

I like to emphasize to Tyler when we are praying for a specific place that often times we can also help in a practical way.  For instance last year when we were learning about Africa we were able to contribute to buy bed nets to help stop the spread of malaria.  Next week as we pray for Pakistan we will be collecting pennies for Pennies for Peace to help Greg be able to do more for the people he loves so much.  I think almost everybody has a pile of pennies lying around somewhere that you could use to help too.  The Pennies for Peace 
  website has some great resources for helping your kids to understand people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to understand how they can help also.

I would also like to share two videos with you before I go.  The first one is a song sung by Greg Mortenson's daughter Amira.  It really touched me very deeply.

The second video is the story of Pennies for Peace. I am really looking forward to see how many pennies we can collect and to help children have a better future!

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