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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Today we went to Mike's Farm.  I am not sure if the Great Pumpkin would think this is the most sincere pumpkin patch out there but it is definitely one of the busiest.  We haven't been there in awhile but we know that it is usually very busy this time of year.  Little did we know!  I took pictures because I knew no one would believe it otherwise.  I know I wouldn't. 

This is where we parked.  It is just one of several parking areas and we could just slightly see the actual farm buildings.  When we saw this parking lot we should have left but we are a persistent little family.  So we journeyed on and then we saw them!!! 

There were sooo many people!

 The wait in line just to get a ticket to get on the hayride was about a half hour.  Then you had to wait in another line just to get on the hayride for about 30 to 60 minutes.  Then when you got off the hayride you got to stand in another line to have your pumpkin weighed so you could pay for it.  This was not going to work out for us.   We did enjoy walking around though and visiting with the animals.

Here are my guys in the covered bridge they have there.

Tyler "driving" one of the tractors they have for the kids to sit on.

The main building has a beautiful wraparound porch with a bunch of these rockers.  It is very pretty.

Here you can see the tractor and the big trailer they use to take people on hayrides out to the pumpkin patch.

They even have a stage in one of their barns!  Here are a couple of guys playing country music.  It fit nicely with a trip to the farm.  They also have a bunch of animals for the kids to feed and pet.

This chicken brought a big smile to Christian's face.  It is always interesting to see what captures his interest.

It really is a fun place!  They have a restaurant that is know for some of the best food in the area.  They have a bakery that makes some of the best fudge and other goodies.  And then there is the gift shop!  Oh how I love the gift shop!  They have tons of Christmas stuff but they also have so much more.  I had to snap a couple of pictures inside for you but this is only a small part of the whole shop.

I especially love all the candles!

If you are local or even close to local and have never been there I encourage you to go.  They also sell Christmas trees at Christmas and they have a hayride with a big display of Christmas lights. 

Lots of fun! 

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