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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Sensory Boxes

I was blog searching the other day and I saw this neat idea for a Halloween sensory tub.  Christian just loves sensory tubs.  We have done rice, pasta, beans, sand, and all sorts of things.  The one I saw was at Chasing Cheerios.  We went to Michaels on Sunday and they were having a big sale on fall and Halloween stuff so I picked up some things to put in our tub with black beans. 

He is really  loving it!

I also knew that Tyler has a hard time when I create a sensory activity for Christian and not for him.  Even though he is high-functioning he is still a sensory seeker so I made him a box of his own and a math activity to go with it.


I got the foam Halloween stickers at Michaels also and then I made him a worksheet to go with.  I had him dig out the stickers and sort them out on a large sheet of paper.

I had him count out the different stickers and then do the math problems.  The problems were about fractions, percentages, and probability.  He enjoyed it and he buzzed right through it.

I don't like the creepy side of Halloween and we don't really celebrate the holiday itself.  Our kids don't enjoy trick or treating either but they do enjoy these type of seasonal activities. 

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