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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already!

I can't believe it is already October.  This year is just flying right by.  The weather here is finally starting to feel a little more like fall.  It has also been a lot less humid so we have been trying to walk down to the park everyday while the public school kids are in school.  Christian enjoys it a lot more if he can run back and forth by himself.  We also took a nice family walk last night.  We used to walk together every night but have fallen out of the routine between moving and the summer heat.  I hope we can get back to it though as it is a nice way to wrap up the day together.  We were able to explore one of the new park areas here last night.  They are putting up  a bunch of them as they renovate base housing.  Anyways, Christian went up a big rock climbing wall which is something he has never done before.  He needed some help but he did very well.  Tyler still struggles with being with his feet off the ground and it is always kind of sad to watch him cling for dear life as goes on the taller playground equipment.  He works at it though and I think he still has fun.
Our week here has been going pretty well.  Christian is still irritated about not not being able to be in his room unsupervised but other than that he is fine.  Fall offers up so many sensory activities for me to try with him.  We have been exploring nuts and leaves this week.  Tomorrow we are going to sponge paint an autumn tree.  I know he will like that because he loves to paint.  The only problem is he doesn't like to stop.  Usually I have to have several sheets of paper handy.
Tyler has also had a good week.  We are praying for Nicaragua this week in our prayer center.  He is liking that a bunch so I have been using one of our boxes each day to focus on the country we are praying for.  This week I chose Nicaragua after watching Joni and Friends on television this weekend.  They were working with a beautiful little girl there in a wheel chair and I just really felt like this was the country we should pray for this week.  It has become like a little unit study for us.  I will share all the materials we have used on Friday after we have completed this week.  I still would like to find a recipe from there for us to make too.  Tyler also enjoyed our fall gourd game today.  He did very well at writing descriptive sentences.  They were all written in his unique perspective so they were fun to read.  My favorite one was "This gourd is orange, bald, chubby and looks like Jimmy(from Veggie Tales)."  Somehow I just knew we were going to have some Veggie Tale sentences in there.  He also had a lot of fun using the gourds to  make up Veggie stories with his dad tonight.  I love my silly guys!
I don't mean to cut this short but I am going to go to bed now because I just noticed Christian is actually asleep before midnight.
Have a blessed night!

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