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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fireworks Hat



This weeks meme is supposed to be about a patriotic activity so I was thinking it over and remembered something really cute we did last year.  My husband was deployed to Afghanistan at the time so we wanted to make something we could send a picture of.  We got our idea out of the book Little Hands Celebrate America which is full of lots of great patriotic ideas.

We chose to make what the book calls a "Fireworks Party Hat".  Here is the picture of  ours.He is squinting because it is really sunny in North Carolina in July! 

To make this very festive hat you will need:


2 sheets of white construction paper

a piece of blue construction paper

red construction paper


red marker

glue red tempra paint



First you need to tape the short edges of the white paper together to make one long sheet.  Next, you need to wrap it around your childs head and tape it together so it is the right size.  Then you cut a band of blue paper to fit across the front of the hat and write "Happy Birthday USA" in big letters across the band.  Glue the band to the hat.  Paint red stripes frome the top of the hat to the blue band and let it dry.  Cut strips of red, white, and blue paper and roll them around a pencil to curl.  Tape them to the top edge of the hat.  We chose also to put white paper stars on ours and since the goal is to look like a firecracker you could embellish yours in different ways too.  Have fun with it!

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