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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fantasy Football and Mathematics



I was looking for books for my football obsessed son when I came upon this great workbook.  It is intended for middle school aged math students.  Here's how it works. You will create a Fantasy Football team by picking real-life players, following your players' statistics, and calculating your team's total points using one of the equations your teacher provides. In addition to the basic Fantasy Football game, your workbook contains worksheets for extra practice on 46 different math concepts.

I am really looking forward to using this as a supplement to our regular math this fall.  I was absolutely amazed at the wide array of math topics it covers.   Who knew you could relate football to so much.  I love the ability to cater to a child's interests that homeschoolers have.  They do have similiar books for both basketball and baseball also if they are more popular sports in your family. 

For my son, however, it is all about football!

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