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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morning at the Park

This morning we got up early and got ready to go to the park to meet with some other moms and children from our special needs homeschool group.  Well, it ended up just being myself and another mom.  We had a very nice time though. She has two boys and one of her boys and Tyler did very well together.  The other boy was also autistic and somehow they found a way to be in their own little worlds and be together at the same time.  It was good for Tyler to have someone to hang out with for awhile that wasn't looking to judge what he can and can't do at every opportunity. 

Tyler and his new friend sitting and talking (how funny is it that they both had on exactly the same color shirts and glasses)

Christian also had a good time.  He enjoyed the playground when there weren't many kids playing and enjoyed sitting with mom at the picnic table when there was.

Hello Tyler from the top of the slide!

Not so sure about going down.

Did I mention it was very sunny out!

We look forward to seeing our new friends and everyone else next month at the beach.  What a blessing to have such a nice little group!

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