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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Lesson in Caring

Tyler, our eldest son, will be 13 in two weeks and even though he is autistic and a little emotionaly imature at times is definately becoming a young man in a lot of ways.  This morning however he was  a moody preteen with a bad attitude.  He thought he would push the boundries a little and see if mom and dad were still in charge.  Unfortunately when he found out we were he lost his temper and decided to scream at me.  I didn't last that long and we worked it all out but I have definately come to understand that the teen years are going to be a real challenge.  To be honest I am not quite sure how we got here this fast.  It doesn't feel like all that long ago that both my boys were babys.  But, anyways, my husband took him with this afternoon to run some errands and talked to him about sometimes when we hurt someone it is good to apoligize but it is also nice to show someone we still care.  So... he took him to the store and helped him to buy me a gift to show he was sorry for yelling at me this morning.  I was very touched by the fact that he seemed to be sincere in his apology.  He sometimes struggles with that even though he has a big heart his autism can cause him to be very self directed.  I was also touched by the fact that I have a husband that cares enough about our children to want to teach them to care about others.  Here is my present from my son.

It reminds me of when my boys were just little and it was all so much easier.  I am glad I have such a wonderful husband to help guide our boys into manhood.

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