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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Value of a good Sentence

I am sure you have heard of a fifty cent word but have you ever heard of a five dollar sentence?  I saw a suggestion for a fun activity using both math and grammar in one of my Mailbox magazines and I just knew I had to whip something up for Tyler's workboxes.  After all can you beat doing two subjects at once especially when it is fun!

I started by making up a sheet with a special code on it that gives a monetary  value for each word in a sentence.

My hubby typed up a worksheet with a bunch of sentences to go with the code.  The first thing that he does is to use play coins and place the value for the word above it in the sentence.

Then when you are done you add up all the coins and find out the "value" of the sentence.

Our coins were a little bunched together so I think next time we will use a larger font for our sentences.  I am also going to use the coins and code when we do sentences for spelling and see if I can get some more "valuable" sentences in the future.  If you want to try this and would like the code sheet you can download it below.

Valuable Sentences

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