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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Planning a Homestead Math Activity

On Tuesdays I like to include a fun hands on math activity in Tyler's workboxes.  I got the idea for this one from an old magazine.  I used Word to print out the instructions and put some construction paper, scissors, ruler, and glue in his box.  This activity works on measuring, perimeter, and area.  He really enjoyed this so I thought we would share this one. 

I gave him a piece of regular sized brown construction paper which represents his piece of land.  He also was give a chart that stated what things he needed to fit on his land.  It gave the measurements for each object so he could measure them and then cut them out. 

He needed to write the name of each object, the perimeter, and the area on the rectangle.  He also chose to make a small picture to identify the object.  When he had cut out all the objects he arranged them on the paper (his land) and glued them down when he was satisfied with their locations.

He did all this pretty independently except I did kind of tell him it might be a problem if he placed his vegetable garden too far from his house and barn.  Although I am sure the animals would appreciate it!

This his finished map.  He liked it so much I am thinking next week we might do a zoo, amusement park, or shopping mall.

If you would like to use the instructions I made for Tyler for this activity you can get them here:

Build Your Own Homestead

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Honey said...

I love this idea. You are so creative. I really hope you keep sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us.

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