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Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Prayer Center

Probably the best part of every homeschool day is our morning devotions and prayer time.  Since the first day we started homeschooling we have always began with a devotion time and then we discuss prayer requests and pray together.  I think it makes for a much better day when we begin by putting our hearts and minds in the right place. 

One of our favorite resources for prayer which is also the first resource we used is Windows on the World

We just love this book.  It has a section for each people group and has such beautiful pictures and enchanting stories.  Now that Tyler is a little older and wanted a little more information for the last two years we have been also using Operation World

This book follow a yearly prayer plan and so we look up the date and find the country or area we are supposed to pray for on that day.  Next, we locate that country on our globe and discuss what continent it is on and other geographical features.  Then we read in the book about all the different facts about that area.  Last we read some of the answers to prayer and challenges to prayer for that region.  Not only are we praying for people but we are understanding who they are and where they live.

Some of our other books and resources we use during prayer time are Hungry Planet, Material World, Light the Window, and VOM Kids of Courage activity books.  If you go to the Voice of Martyrs Kids of Courage website you can go to the downloads section and sign up to download their great activity books which are a lot like unit studies.  We have done several of these and just loved them.

So that is what our morning prayer time has been composed of until tomorrow.  I have been so inspired by some of the things I have seen people create with trifold board lately that I got inspired and pulled out one I had laying around.  I created a new prayer center for us to use with our morning prayer time.  Here it is:

I made all the sections using my computer and laminated them and hot glued them to the board.  Certain sections have velcro on them so they can be changed out each week.  Those are the country name, the map, the flag, and the picture sections.  For the other sections we will use dry erase markers to record the information.  Here are some close ups of the different sections.

As you can see this week we will be praying for Bhutan.  We attached the name on with velcro and then printed a map of Bhutan and attached that also.

Here you see the sections where we will record the population and the spoken languages or at least the main ones as some countries have a whole lot of languages.  We have also attached a flag from Bhutan.

Here is probably my favorite section because I just love pictures!  We printed these off the internet so we could see the wonderful people and sites of Bhutan. They are attached with velcro also.

Below our pictures we have some more spaces to fill in information with our dry erase marker.

On the third fold of our center we have space to record our prayer requests for the week.  I also included a heart with Matthew 7: 7-8 just to remind us that God wants to hear our prayers and he is listening and faithful to answer.

I hope you have enjoyed our prayer center. 

Have a great night!

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