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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on Tyler

I took Tyler to the doctor this morning and she isn't sure what is going on with him.  She did take three tubes of blood and is going to check for Celiac, diabetes, and some of the other common suspects.  We also need to get a urine sample and bring it back. (Yuck!) 

I did like the doctor and she seems to be willing to explore whatever tests we are interested in having done.  Tyler seemed comfortable with her also.  He did not enjoy getting his blood taken.  Fortunately they have a very large nurse there!   He made a big scene about it and then when I asked him afterword if it hurt he said, "no!".  You have to love it! 

So now we wait.  She did say if the blood came back  and didn't have any answers she would give him an MRI if that is what we want. She is also going to see him once a month for now and monitor his weight. 

I am glad we have found a good doc and I guess we will just wait and pray now!

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