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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Safe Room

Well, we think we have found a solution to making Christian's room safe for him to be in alone.  Our son Christian is autistic and eats wood and most recently drywall.  He had almost eaten an actual hole in one of his walls recently so we are in a bit of a desperate situation.  We had bought and installed corner guards for the corners and window sills he originally started with but we weren't anticipating him actually starting to eat the walls.  We have looked online for vinyl wall panels and found some but they are expensive and we can't wait for the shipping.  We went to Home Depot this weekend and found some vinyl beadboard paneling there.   It is still rather expensive but it was  easy to install and now at least one wall is covered.  It is the wall by his bed which is the one he has been really going after.  It was about $130 to do the one wall so we are going to have to do this as we go along.  It does look nice though.  It still looks like our home and not an institution which I am happy about. 

Thankfully his bed is plastic too.  I am glad God was looking out for us when we bought that.  I would hate to think what a wood bed would look like right now.

We do have a couple more door frames that need to be covered in our hallway too.  I wasn't going to post pictures but I feel words just won't do it justice.  Try not to wince!

This is the door by our laundry area.  He did this in about 5 minutes!

This by the door to a closet.  This one actually isn't that bad compared to some that we have already covered.


We are taking him to the doctor for supplements and I am trying all the sensory ideas we have used in the past but until we find something that works we are glad to be making progress on his room.  He doesn't like not having his own space to be in at least some of the time. 


Honey said...

Hi Bronwyn,

My oldest has Aspergers and ADHD. It is not an easy life giving them the best life that we can. Blessings to you in your challenge as a mother to an autistic child.

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you come back again soon.

Blessed2BaMommy said...

This is an older post but I just found it. It was interesting to me as I just took some pics of my older severe boy's room, but haven't posted that yet. I will soon. We've had to modify things too; he doesn't eat wood though (hopefully won't but who knows!).

My younger son (also severe), used to knaw at his crib like that. Even the plastic covers they make didn't help much, as he'd find a corner to chomp on... it's so tough.

I have read that zinc helps this. They both get extra zinc & neither is doing much chewing. They have both gone through phases though, anyway, so it probably depends on a lot of things.

Maybe some mouth exercises, like a nuk brush or something, might help... just brainstorming from our years of ND. We have some exercises from HANDLE that are supposed to help as well.

Hopefully it's not an issue for you anymore!

Blessings, Michele

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