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Monday, September 14, 2009

Test Results Back But Still No Answers

We got the results from Tyler's blood tests back today after an agonizing weekend of waiting.  I called the doctor's office on Friday and they said they didn't think they would have them back until Monday and I wanted to cry.  I just want to know what's going on so we can hopefully fix it.  I thought the gluten free diet was helping he was having a lot less headaches and stomach pains but then Friday night he had a major headache.  You could see from his eyes and face that he was in a lot of pain and then this weekend his stomach aches were back too.  All day today I couldn't wait for the results and then this afternoon the doctor called.  She said he doesn't have celiac or diabetes.  She did say he appeared to be low on hydration which is interesting because he drinks water constantly and she also said he has a high hemoglobin count.  She is now referring us to a pediatrician who can evaluate his results and order more testing.  Tyler is definitely happy to be off the gluten free diet and daddy even ordered him pizza from Papa Johns tonight to celebrate.  We still don't have any real answers though and he is still in pain.  I can't stop myself from playing amateur doctor so I spent a good hour searching the internet for his symptoms and now have myself wondering if it could be his kidneys.  It probably isn't though and I just need to wait for them to do more tests.  I just am feeling kind of helpless about it all.  I really think I have control issues! 

This weekend we just hung out at home because Tyler wasn't feeling great and we just aren't sure how much we should be having him do right now.  We did watch some football.  Unfortunately I think all the teams we like lost.   We also did some researching on more wall  covering for Christian's room as he is now eating the drywall.   Did you now you can actually buy vinyl beadboard that looks like wood?  Who knew?!  I think that option is a bit costly for us though but we did call Home Depot and they have a vinyl paneling that might be more affordable.  Having autistic children has taught me about things I am pretty sure I otherwise would have had NO clue about.   Hopefully his doctor will have some answers about a supplement or something to help stop his craving to eat us "out of house and home" literally. 

Christian and I did find one of Tyler's old boardgames today to have fun with.  It is Veggie Tales Don't Sink in the Sink!.

Christian loves Veggie Tales!  We didn't play it the traditional way but he had fun sticking the little character pieces in the slots and watching some of them sink.  We played this for quite some time and had a blast.  Christian also got some cool new toys this week from Grandma and Grandpa from Enabling Devices  but we haven't had a good opportunity to check them out yet so I will try to post pictures of them soon.  They have a lot of neat stuff for special needs if you have never checked them out stop by their website

Tyler did his workboxes today but was only able to accomplish 7 of his 12.  I didn't push it because I know he isn't feeling great.  Friday we didn't do workboxes but spent the afternoon learning about 9/11.  We watched the CNN coverage of that day on the internet and then walked about it and did some lapbooking.  I think it is the first time he has actually seen what happened.  He handled it well.  I think better than I did.  I felt the tears coming a couple of times.  Today we were talking about Ptolemy and his geocentric model of the solar system and how it was accepted for over 1,600 years mostly because nobody wanted to challenge it out of respect for Ptolemy.  Often  things in science can go right over Tyler's head but for some reason he really got the fact that we can't just accept science not based on data because we are scared to challenge it.  I was excited that he got that because I feel that is really important.  I think to often people accept evolution which has no true scientific basis because they are afraid to challenge it.  I am happy to know that my son isn't just 
going to believe the status quo.

  Thank you for all those who have prayed for Tyler!  It means so much to me.  I would appreciate your continued prayers as we continue to go through more testing.  It really helps to know that there are people out there going to God for us.   

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