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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still waiting

We are still waiting for Tyler's blood tests to come back.  It is amazing how slow time can go when you need it to be fast.

We took his urine sample over to the doctor this morning.  It is about a 30 minute drive each way and Christian doesn't always do well in the car so I took along a bag of Veggie Crisps (his current favorite snack) in case he got upset and needed to be diverted.  He never needed them though.   He did great except for rocking back and forth a bunch.  He was actually quite funny for a little while.  He became fascinated with the handle that flips down in the back seat. ( I think it is to hang your dry cleaning on.)  Anyways, he sat there flipping that up and down and singing his own little song- da da da da de da dade.  I would love to know what goes on in his mind.  I know it has to be interesting because it inspires him to some pretty creative things.  I am watching people look at him as they drive by and as much as I would like to say I am above caring I am always happy I have my autism awareness magnet on the back of my car.  It serves as my little explanation for my child's apparently fascinating behavior.

Also today I was putting away individual bottled water out of a case of water into the cupboard we store it in when Christian walks up and just starts handing me bottles out of the case.  He never does anything like that unless you specifically say, "Christian pick up the water.  Now, give me the water."  He didn't just do it once or twice either but he emptied the whole case.  This might not seem like a big deal for most small children let alone an almost 12 year old but for him it is huge!  He actually helped me all on his own after figuring out what I was doing and he finished the whole job.  I gave him a big bear hug.  It is so neat to see him start to make these little steps! 

Tomorrow Tyler and I are going to work on a 9/11 lapbook.  Boy that date stirs up some memories.  I think I will blog more about that tomorrow though.  We just need a nice day of normal school amid all the uncertainty of his health.  He is also getting a little discouraged by the gluten free diet.  He is craving pizza so I guess I will have to start scouring the internet for gluten free recipes.  I also need to find out if there is a recipe for cookie cutter type cookies because we usually make some for fall and he will be brokenhearted if he can't have any.  I guess it gives me something to do while we wait and pray. 

Well, I guess I should get going.  I started reading Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus the other day and I am really getting into it so while I wait for Christian to fall asleep I am loving some time to read.

Have a blessed night!

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