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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Jam 2010

My husband took Tyler to Winter Jam 2010 this weekend in Greensboro. They both love a lot of the same Christian music so it has become a great father son activity for them to attend a few concerts together this last year. Tim enjoys the special time he gets to spend with Tyler and Tyler thinks his dad is super cool for liking his music.
Greensboro is a good distance from where we live so they stayed the night at a hotel and drove back today. They both said that the concert was outstanding. They enjoyed all the bands there. They got to see Newsboys and Third Day which are a couple of their favorites but there were also several other bands that they enjoyed too. Tim was also quite impressed with the message delivered by Tony Nolan there. He would like to see if he can also find his messages on DVD. I have not heard him speak yet but because of Tim's enthusiasm I am anxious to hear him too.
They were able to take some pictures at the concert that I thought I would share here for anyone who likes Christian music. They were fortunate to be in the 5th row so a couple of the pictures turned out pretty well.
Tyler waiting for the show to begin

This a newer band named Sidewalk Prophets
The band Revive
Mac Powell of Third Day

Michael Tait (lead singer of the Newsboys)
They said the concert was so full that the Winter Jam people decided to record it for the DVD that they will release of Winter Jam 2010.  I can't wait to see if I can see my guys in there when it comes out.  The ticket price for Winter Jam is only $10 which makes it accessible to more people.  Tim said that the performers and Tony Nolan also had a meeting with the youth pastors there so they could talk about reaching the youth.  I was impressed too when they told me that after the concert all the bands and Tony had set up ministry tables so they could meet with the fans and talk with them about Jesus.   I am thankful this is the music my son is into because with all the negative influences in our world these guys do an awesome job of spreading the love of God.  They make great role models because they are modeling themselves after Christ who should be the true role model for us all.


Mrs. C said...

Wow, that's a perfect trip! Not too long. What did you and Christian do while they were gone?

Diane said...

How fun. They were here also but couldn't go, it was on the same day as my mom's birthday. Love Third Day.

Bronwyn said...

Mrs. C,
Christian and I stayed home and worked on some Valentines Day stuff. We watched Little Women too which he actually seemed to like. You never know what is going to interest him. :)


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