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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

The day is almost done but I still have a couple of minutes so... "Happy Valentines Day everyone!".
I was blessed to spend this day and every day actually with the people I love most. 
We started a tradition in our house years ago when we started homeschooling.  We knew that the kids were not going to get the experience of collection valentines in homemade mailboxes from their classmates at school and so we decided to make our own valentine boxes and fill them with cards and treats for each other every year.  We have come to treasure making these boxes together and each year we love admiring each others creativity.  It is fun to see the individuality of each person in their boxes.  These are our boxes from this year.
This is Christian's box.  We sponged hearts on it and put a picture of him getting a kiss from his dad.  It is simple but sweet which is a lot like Christian!

This is Tyler's box.  It is busy (much like him) with lots of pictures of musicians and football people that he likes.  He chose a picture of Miley Cyrus instead of a family picture to put in the photo part of his box but he also includes Veggie Tales.  This age is interesting as he wants to grow up and stay a kid at the same time. :)
This is Tim's box. It is shiny and has stickers about family.  It has a picture of all of us together.

This is my box.  My creativity seemed to be off this year but it still looks pretty cheerful.
All our valentines for each other this year were homemade.  Tyler and Tim made theirs on the computer.  I helped Christian make these ipod valentines for his.

I got the instructions from Family Fun.  Because it was also Chinese New Year today I decided to make felt fortune cookie valentines on found from Martha Stewart for mine.  They had Bible verses and valentine wishes in them.

 I didn't get pictures of the rest of the valentines but they all turned out wonderful and were much loved.

We enjoyed a simple day here.  We watched the Princess Bride earlier today, finished up a game of Monopoly, had Bojangles for dinner, and then watched Charlie Brown's Valentine.  Tim got me the Kindle for Valentines Day.  I actually got it on Friday.  I spent some time on there exploring all the free classics that are available and downloading a couple.  I am not a huge electronics person but I am totally in love with the Kindle.  Thank you Tim!!!!

My Kindle :)
Well now it is after midnight because I am a slow writer but Happy Valentines Day again anyhow!


Mrs. C said...

The ipod idea is hilarious!! Love it! I can't imagine where you find all this creative energy. :)

Sheri said...

Man you are something! Creative and inspiring girl. Someday, maybe-I will plunge into such craftiness! LOL. I forgot to go into the Family Fun (I even get the emails) for ideas-that ipod thing is adorable. Looks like you had a lovely V-D this year. Ohh-a Kindle---how do you like it?


Bronwyn said...

Thanks ladies!
The Kindle is amazing! I have the one year Bible on it and every day it brings up my readings for me. There are also so many free classics available too. Love it like crazy!!

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