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Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally Finished- Postcard Writing Prompts

I have been working so hard at night trying to get our postcard writing prompts done.  Tyler has been excited to start them.  They have been fun to make but very time consuming.  I am becoming quite the pro at Microsoft Word however.  :)  I wanted to give him some research to do about different places and at the same time give him a variety of writing experiences.  I made 36 postcards all together.  I picked random countries and I tried to pick some from continent.
On the back of each is the prompt for that country.  I let him do his writing assignments on the computer or Alphasmart because of his fine motor abilities.

I did purchase a small (little smaller than I wanted) mailbox to put his prompt in each day.

I can then put his little mailbox with prompt inside into his workbox with the flag up of course.  Actually he reminded me of the flag.  Great attention to detail that boy!
I wanted to share the three sets of postcards I made in case anyone else would like to use them.  There are 36  overall so you could pick and choose if you wanted.  I printed each page with the front side first and then flipped the paper and printed the backs.  I printed all mine on cardstock.

Postcard Writing Prompts
Postcard Writing Prompts2

Postcard Writing Prompts3

Hope you enjoy them!  Please comment and let me know if there are any other countries you would like for me to make.


Leslie said...

Awesome job!!! I love how you use your creativity to make learning so much fun for your boys!


PS Sorry about the trouble with the link on my blog. It was the one that was sent to us, but not the best one for being able to click.

Diane said...

Loves these. If my printer was up and running I would definitely use them right now.

Bronwyn said...

I went on NFL.com and found the link so I was able to vote. I hope JD wins the money.

Shannon said...

What a wonderful idea! You've done a beautiful job on them too. I'll be using these in the future - thanks for sharing. :)

Devildogwife said...

That is a fabulous idea! My daughter would get a kick out of this. Thank you.

Karin Katherine said...

These are so wonderful! I made postcards to go with our Journey with Jesus Curriculum. I'm going to share your links with our Geography co-op. I think this would be a great extension project!

Bronwyn said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I really enjoy making things for our homeschool and I love being able to share them with others.

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