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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Praise Report on Ivy!

I was thrilled today to find out today that Ivy has found a home.  I was over at Reece's Rainbow and saw that she had been moved to the section with the children who have found homes.  We were able to raise $205 towards her adoption fund and I want to thank everyone who contributed.  I am ending the ChipIn! early because she has found a home now.  I will be picking winners for our giveaway this evening.  I will post them here then.  Right now I will just be taking some time to praise God that he is giving this precious child a family!

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Jim said...

I have been having a bad couple of weeks, but this just made my day!!!! Some family is going to be blessed with a very adorable little girl that will enrich their lives beyond their wildest imagination. She is to die for; she is so cute and sweet. They are truly the lucky ones. Love, Mom

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