Hi! Thank you for stopping by today! My name is Bronwyn. I am a follower of Jesus, wife of a Marine, and mother of 2 autistic boys. We have been a homeschooling family for going on 7 years now and loving it! I also love to read, cook, bake, and walk.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese New Year Ideas

I found this link this morning as I was searching for Chinese New Year ideas.  There are lots of great ideas and I thought I would share.


Wendy said...

Good morning, Bronwyn! I finally remembered to become a follower of your blog, but I don't have any pictures stored on my new laptop to use to make a profile picture for myself. (My old computer finally bit the dust!!) I hope you and your boys have a great day today. It is rainy and yucky here, so we are going to try to enjoy our day indoors. Every time I read your blog, I am amazed at what a wonderful job you do! You are an awesome mom.


Sherri said...

I love your blog name!!!!
You have a lot to offer!

Bronwyn said...

Thank you for the compliment!
I enjoyed reading through your blog last night. I am so impressed by all you have accomplished with your daughter. It has definitely inspired me to try some new things with Christian.
Thank you for following my blog too!

Bronwyn said...

Thank you for stopping by! It's always fun to meet new people.

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