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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Years at our house

We decided to celebrate Chinese New Year a couple of days early this year because it falls on the same day as Valentines Day.  We wanted to devote a special day to each.
  Last night I pulled out our Chinese lanterns and hung them from the ceiling.
We enjoyed some great stories about China today.  

After reading The Great Race we arranged the animals in the story in order.
Tyler practiced writing some Chinese words.

We practiced using chopsticks by transferring noodles from one plate to another. 
We timed ourselves to see how we did.
Tyler did some studying about Chinese life in Material World and Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel and filled out a VENN diagram comparing and contrasting life in China and the USA.

This a really fun Chinese lantern craft we made.  I found it here. 
We also cut up some pretend Chinese money and put in tiger envelopes.
  This activity went well with the story Sam and The Lucky Money. 
Tonight we enjoyed a delicious meal of Chinese takeout.  Christian wasn't into the Chinese food however so I made him something different.  He liked it last time but wasn't having it tonight.

 Finally this evening we had good family time together watching Kung Fu Panda.  
We had a great day enjoying Chinese New Years.  If you would like to find out what other families are doing to celebrate Jimmie's Collage is hosting a contest and sharing ideas.  Just click on the button below.


Michele said...

Funny we had Chinese take out last night for no good reason; just felt like it. Looks like you did a lot of nice creative learning things! I have that book Material World & love it; wonder if they ever did an updated version? Gotta check.

Mrs. C said...

"Patrick" is going to China in June, so around mid-April we will study China. I've bookmarked this link!

Bronwyn said...

That is funny that you had Chinese take out too. We don't get it very often so it was a great treat.

Mrs. C,
I'm so excited for Patrick. That is a great opportunity for him. I visited New York City and Washington DC for my Junior/Senior Trip. I thought that was big but China is extraordinary!

Leslie said...

This looks like so much fun! I love the thought and details you put into the things you are teaching your boys! You are an inspiration to me!


Mrs. Hewett said...

Thanks for sharing your CNY celebration. We had a lot of fun at our house too. I love the many colors for your paper lanterns - very spring-y!

Can you tell me where you found the graphics for your Chinese zodiac animals sorting activity and the characters for the writing practice? I would love to use those in our family.

I'd also LOVE to know where you got the story about "Long Long's New Year" - that was my son's nickname in the orphanage before we adopted him.

Thanks again for sharing your great CNY ideas. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Karen H

Bronwyn said...

Thank you stopping by my blog! I'm glad you had fun celebrating Chinese New Year too. I am sure it means a lot to your family if you have adopted from there.
I bought the Long Long book from chinasprout.com. It was awhile ago but I think they still carry it.
The Zodiac cards I photocopied out of the book Chinese New Year for Kids. My son loves the story of the zodiac animals.
Off to go take a peek at your blog and see your CNY ideas too! :)

Sheri said...

Ok that is it-I am kidnappin ya and bringing you here to get rejuvied on ideas and stuff-that looks pretty fun! I know when my sis-in-law and bro-in-law lived in China (10 years almost) they said the kids loved the Chinese New Year celebration cuz they would get red envelopes filled with money! Now that is a great tradition! LOL. Keep the fun ideas coming!

Jimmie said...

What a rich celebration! Decorations, activities, crafts, and even a fun movie! I love your contest entry. Thanks for participating, and please visit on the 25th for the winners announcement.

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