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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

I was truly convinced that we were the only people in the United States this year that weren't going to get snow.  Every time we have seen snow in the forecast this winter we have gotten excited and then just rain.  I think it was around Thursday that they started to forecast that we would get snow this time.  I didn't even tell the kids because it has been such a let down every other time.  But much to my disbelief on Friday night it actually began to snow here and this morning we awoke to what looked much like a scene out of Narnia.
I do believe that today every child on the block was up at the crack of dawn and outside to play in the snow.  I can't blame them however as we are lucky if we get even one snowfall a year here.
Tyler was very excited to see the snow this morning but I was unsure how he would actually feel about it when he got out in it though.  First he went out with his dad and Lucy, our dog.  He had a snowball fight with dad and then played on the snow covered trampoline with Lucy.
Lucy loved the snow too!

When Tim came in to watch Christian I went out and took a walk through the woods behind our house.  It was spectacular.

I took a lot more pictures than these.  It was so beautiful.  Tyler joined me in the woods after a little while too.
After the woods I tried to help him build a snow fort.  It was rather small however because he lost interest in the actual building part quickly.
The sun was also starting to heat up by this time and the snow was getting rather slushy so we went in.  It was lots of fun while it lasted though!  Hope everyone else who received unexpected snow this weekend was also able to get out and enjoy it. 


Devildogwife said...

Glad you got lots of the fun white stuff to play with. We actually are one of the only ones in the US who won't be receiving any snow. ;)

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you got snow! I've been thinking of you and hoping you did! I saw the forecast and thought it looked very promising for y'all!

So glad you enjoyed it and the pics are beautiful.

About Anya, we aren't her prayer warrior, though we are praying for her! We were matched with Arianna just last month. When we decided to do a fundraiser we weren't sure who to choose and asked Andrea for a suggestion. She suggested Anya since she didn't have much of a fund. We've had 3 children that we were matched with already find families. Hoping to keep that number rising!


Diane said...

Your pictures of the snow look beautiful. We are expecting some snow again tonight.

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