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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Tees

Over the weekend I started working on Thanksgiving t-shirts for the boys.  I though it would be fun to do something where we could list the things that they are thankful for.  I am hoping to get a cute picture of them when the shirts are dry. 

I took one of my leaf cookie cutters and traced it with pencil several times on each shirt.  Then I took fabric paint and traced over the lines I had drawn.  In each leaf we wrote one thing that they are thankful for.  Tyler listed all of his and then I thought about what Christian would say if he could talk. 

This shirt is Tyler's and he is thankful for dad, mom, Christian, Lucy, friends, music, football, his I-pod, and the Macy's parade.

Tyler was chattering away to me while I was painting on what he was thankful so we ended up with one mistake.  Instead of a d in friends there is now a b.  Oops!  Fabric paint is very unforgiving!

Here is Christian's shirt.  His is still drying which is why the cardboard is still in the middle.  He is thankful for dad, mom, Tyler, the park, the beach, music, Veggie tales, Bojangles, and most of all big hugs!

I can't wait to see them on.  I think they are pretty cute.

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