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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

supersized post ;)

I have been sooo busy around here trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is my first year of blogging and so I guess I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to keep up with blogging during the holidays.  I apologize for not keeping up so well here lately.  I know I am also so far behind on reading the blogs I like to follow and on emailing people back.  I am going to try and catch up this weekend though!   

I have been working hard on making an advent calender for Christian.  I am trying to make one similar to one posted here.  So far I have the little tins completed.  Here is a picture.

It is A LOT of work but they are turning out really cute.  I printed out the labels that came with the tins using a template from Wilton and clipart from Word.  I cut out Christmas scrapbook paper circles and inserted them under the lids so they show up around the labels.  I also cut out strips of paper and glued them around the tins.  Here are a couple of closer pictures.

Sorry it's a little blurry!

Here is a picture of all the tins from the side.

This weekend I am hoping to work on the calender part where these all get attached to.  It is fun and I wish I had more time because I would love to make a few more of these for gifts.  Maybe I will work on some during the year so that I can give them next Christmas.

Besides the calender I also worked on ordering our Christmas cards.  This was a process I thought would only take a couple of minutes and ended up taking two hours!!!  We had received something in the mail from Compassion that said they were teamed up with Dayspring and that you could order cards with pictures of your Compassion child on the back of the card.  The link is here if you are interested.  I designed our card and uploaded all the pictures of our family and our Compassion child and went to order the cards and the website locked up.  I did this four more times and each time it did the same thing.  It didn't save any of it either so each time I had to start completely over.  I was so frustrated!  After four times I started to think maybe I would try bringing up the website on Internet Explorer instead of Firefox and Yippee it finally worked.  Of course by then I had done the whole thing five times.  I am just glad I got them ordered though and  I can't wait for them to arrive.  I am so excited to send one to our little Sulokyhoni in India so that she can see that she was on our Christmas cards too. 

Tim has been having some health issues and so he was at the doctor yesterday for bad headaches and a very red eye.  He didn't get any answers so I am sad for him about that.  His father died of a brain cancer so I always get a little scared when he has a lot of headaches.  He has also having a lot of pain in his foot and is at the podiatrist today for a second time this month.  He is double jointed and they believe he may have a nerve pinched in one of his joints.  It causes him a lot of pain.  Last time he was there they gave him a shot of steroids hoping to lesson some of swelling around the joint.  It didn't help him much and today he is supposed to be getting some insoles that hopefully will help some more.  I think it is eventually going to end up in surgery which he is not to thrilled about.  He is not one for being laid up in bed.

He will be attending a men's Bible study this Friday and Saturday at a friend's church.  I am excited for him to go because he doesn't get a lot of time with other christian men.  I think he will really enjoy it!

Tyler is doing well.  He is enjoying getting ready for the holidays.  He has spent a lot of time downloading Christmas music to his I-Pod.  He is so into music this year.  Thankfully it is all christian music.  He is doing well at school.  He has completed all 12 of his boxes every day this week which he has been struggling to do at times this year.  He has been listening to The Legend of Squanto from Focus on the Family this week which we have done for the last couple of years.  We have also been enjoying The book of Thanksgiving for several years.

It is a great book with recipes, great poems for copywork, and great ideas for Thanksgiving traditions but Tyler really likes  the Turkey Day Trivia.  Did you know the heaviest turkey was 75 pounds?  Can you imagine having to cook that? 

Christian is still a little under the weather with a cold and well to be honest quite cranky.  He has his sleep all messed up again too and the combination isn't too pretty.  He woke up early yesterday after having gone to sleep late.  He was so stuffy and cranky all day and then around 4 pm he just feel asleep on the ottoman. 

It is sort of dark because I didn't want to use the flash and wake him up.  He was so sweet though.  It just all caught up with him!

Sorry to write such a long post!  I haven't been able to find much time and today I had some so I thought I would get everyone caught up with what we are up to.  If you have made it this far down thanks for sticking with me!

Have a great day!

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