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Friday, November 13, 2009

Gift Idea for Special Needs Kids

Christian, our son with severe autism, is extremely hard to buy gifts for.  He needs things that are visually stimulating and don't require a lot of fine motor skills.  Durability is also a must as most toys don't make it that long around here.  I was excited to find a toy that I think he is going  to love and I thought I would share it because I know he isn't the only hard to shop for child out there.

This is the VTech Digital KidiLook Digital Photo Frame.  Christian loves to look at pictures but he chews on actual photographs even if they are laminated.  Most digital frames would be too delicate for him but this one looks a little more rugged and we have a good history with VTech toys so I am optimistic.  It holds about 100 photos which you download from your computer via USB and you only have to shake it to shuffle pictures.  I bought one for Christian for less than $25 at amazon.  I think he is going to love it.  Just thought I would share!

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Recovering Noah said...

I feel so silly posting comments on your blog b/c they all say the same thing.. ."I love your blog! I love your ideas!" But it's TRUE!



I'm headed to Michael's today and might just have to pick up tins and scrapbook paper for an advent calendar. I'm now putting "Martha Stewart Circle Cutter" on my Christmas list... and I am so ordering that VTech toy for Noah. He will love it! He does the same thing with pictures, so this gift is perfect. Thank you!


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