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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Poster Center Idea

I got a new gadget last week and I have to admit I am a bit obsessed.  I LOVE my new Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.

It is the best!  I got it for a advent calender I am working on for Christian but now I am a circle cutting fool!  I had some leftover Christmas scrapbook paper and Tyler was looking at it yesterday and commented that it would make nice ornaments.  I was inspired to make us a new center for December. 

I took a green posterboard and cut out a Christmas tree and glued it on to a blue posterboard.  I cut some holes with an Exacto knife and put paper bards through the holes.  I opened the bards only far enough for them not to pull through the holes and taped them on the back.  They need to poke through on the front so that you can hang the ornaments on them.

This is what the back of each bard should look like.This is what each bard should look like at the back.

This is the front of the poster with the bards in.

I then took me scrap paper and my handy little circle cutter and cut 4 3" circles from each pattern of paper.  I glued ribbon on the back of each with the glue gun.

I am going to use half of the ornaments for Christian to match the patterns and to hang them up with the white side of the ornaments showing to play memory.  For Tyler I am going to use the other half of the ornaments.  I wrote a writing prompt on the back of each  of his and will hang them up and let him pick a prompt.

We will store all our ornaments on 3M hooks by the posters.

It only took me about a half hour to make this.  The longest part was gluing on the ribbons.  You could also put math problems on half of the ornaments and the answers on the other ornaments and have them match them or sight words on half and the matching pictures on the others.  I am sure there could be lots of variations.  I think it will also be fun just for Christian to play with and put the ornaments on too! 

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